Wednesday , 1 October 2014
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Haircuts for Curly Hair 2015

Haircuts For Curly Hair 2015 (5)

At first glance it seems that the owners of curly hair just incredibly lucky, without effort, they can always look natural and charming. But sometimes such a gift can be a lot of trouble, especially know it “curls”, because it is very difficult to choose the best hairstyle, because of unruly curls. And if your hair is very smooth clearly ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles 2015 – Trends

Wedding Hairstyles 2015 (8)

BRIDAL HAIR /  2015 Today I bring you one of the posts I wanted to write more because I love bridal hairstyles; I find all very bucolic and romantic. And although it’s been a couple of months he has spent the Barcelona Bridal Week (the next edition will be from 5 to 10 May 2015), I will post that this ... Read More »

Trendy hairstyles Fall Winter 2014-2015

Trendy Hairstyles For Fall Winter 2015 (36)

The new season autumn-winter 2014-2015 hairstyles and haircuts In the new season autumn-winter 2014-2015 designers presented on the podium the most fashionable women’s haircuts . So, what haircuts and hairstyles will be relevant ? Sure, a win-win in many collections – a ponytail .. Another topical hair will become the tail, tied a few rubber bands along the entire length ... Read More »

Haircuts for medium hair with 2015

Trendy Hairstyles For Medium Hair 2015 (2)

Medium length hair, reaching down to his shoulders, successfully combine the advantages of both long and short hair. Outwardly, they look like long hair, but it requires much less effort to care for them, that makes them with short hair. Varied field technique, Trendy hairstyles for medium hair 2015 allow you to simulate different hairstyles due to the effect of negligence ... Read More »

Hairstyles for New Year 2015

New Hairstyles For New Year 2015 (6)

Social life during each calendar year, accompanied by a sufficient number of public holidays. Not all holidays are an excuse to create original women’s hairstyles, but the moments devoted to the New Year, or, say, the International Women’s Day, no attention is clearly not remain. In this case, hairstyles for the new year – it is one of the important components ... Read More »

Hair fashion: international trends 2014-2015

Latest Trends Of Hair 2014-2015 (10)

The catwalks are imposed and we’ll show them. The glamor of the 40s to the powerful aesthetics of punk, there are four styles stomping. New York, London and Paris to your head.I chose the one that best suits you and renovate. They were imposed on top catwalks and accompanied the best fashion brands in the world. Are just that, trends that inspire and ... Read More »

How to dye your hair in rainbow colours?

Hair Colours

Colored false hair with clips help give hair a rainbow colouring, but if you want to keep this hairstyle for a long time, you have to resort to hair dye. If you dye your hair in all colors at the same time, you do not turn out pretty rainbow color transitions, and blurred color spots. You will have to dye your hair ... Read More »

Messy hairstyles for girls

Messy Hairstyles For Girls  (3)

First tousled hairstyle appeared in the 1970s. Hair sheared layers to give them a rough shaggy texture.This hairstyle looks great with almost any type of person. It gives volume to thin straight hair and curly hair rare splendor. With 70s tousled hairstyle has come a long way of evolution, and today this old-fashioned girl wearing shaggy hair in a new way in many different ways. Classical tousled ... Read More »

Trendy Casual Girls Hairstyle Collection 2014-2015

Casual hairstyles For Girls 2015 (8)

Today I will disclose you regarding modern casual and party hairstyles for girls because Women always desire to glance gorgeous and modish. There require could be fulfilled by their clothes and hair styles. Women sound out with diverse hair stylists and consultants so that they can acquire a high-quality and fastidious recommendation for them. For a first-class hair style healthy and shiny hairs ... Read More »