Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Bob cuts for women 2014

Bob cut for women 2014 (19)

Sweet and feminine, this is how it looks in your hair Bob, adorable mixed cut, but dangerously irresistible.  ‘s Bob cut with bangs will give your look all the versatility and flexibility that you need for your hairstyle.  Wear it, Soft, spongy or straightened, considered a cut that is the new trend, goodbye to routine sections.  Famous worldwide are committed ... Read More »

Megan Fox Hairstyles and Haircuts

Megan Fox Hairstyles And Haircuts (32)

Popular now actress Megan Fox is an idol for most girls. In addition to impeccable style, celebrity famous for its trendy and stylish hairstyles for long hair. It’s funny that tabloids called Megan’s main rival Angelina Jolie and believed she deliberately copied hairstyle, gait and even the style of Angelina. But because we have no cares. And so, we present you the review of ... Read More »

Charlize Theron Hairstyles and Haircuts

Charlize Theron hairstyles (22)

Famous American actress Charlize Theron South African origin does not like being called beautiful. Elegant appearance actress prevented it at the beginning of her acting career, many believed that the beautiful blonde can not be a good actress. Charlize by example proved otherwise. Haircuts and hairstyles Charlize Theron always with elegance and panache. They always prevails simplicity and accuracy. Hairstyle Charlize Theron – this is ... Read More »

Fashionable hair colour 2014

Fashionable Hair Colour 2014 (7)

 In 2014, hair colors more intense than in previous years. Fashionable color in one tone and color design. In the color design can be combined with cool shades warm, rich colors with pastel. There are non-standard, but harmonious color transitions. The following season, you can experiment with different shades of differing depth of tone to three levels (dark, medium and lightest). Also in vogue contrast ... Read More »

Long hair cuts with bangs for women 2014

Long Haircuts With Bangs (10)

The haircuts with bangs are undoubtedly one of the most used in the 2014, not only for its aesthetic, but also for the variety of cuts and styles that are used with the bangs  A fringe can be used in front or to one side lost, leaving part of the forehead exposed and adapting to the hairstyle. There are many ways to adapt ... Read More »

Loose hair with braids Spring Summer 2014

Loose Hair With Braids (29)

Braids are fashionable and best to take them with your hair loose , easy and practical way to give a sophisticated and elegant touch to your hairstyle .  Braids are details that give a perfect balance to your style, causing modern, casual and romantic inspirations .  At the Spring Summer are popular because they love to finish many, you just have patience, skill and creativity, in ... Read More »

Trends 2014 – Bob Long

Large Bob Hair Trends 2014 (21)

Trends 2014 , varied and come ready to surprise every woman, between varieties, are the bob cuts, a trend that is widespread in all women , with only slight modifications. One of them is to take the long bob cut,something different and refreshing addition to easy and comfortable, considered the most popular cut in the world of hair . Discover new ideas from this classic Bob cut your long hair, ... Read More »

Fashion trend haircuts for 2014 hair

Latest Short Haircuts 2014 (9)

Choosing the right hairstyle, do not forget about his or her identity. Any style, first of all, should emphasize your natural. It is not just pretty, it is necessary to be careful in his choice. What suits one may very spoil others. Mowing is the most common one for modern and trendy , and certainly this year. Do not think that only the long hair – ... Read More »

February’s haircut: lunar calendar 2014

Valentine Hairstyle

What to expect in February? Very soon come Valentine’s Day and every girl should be on top. And this month, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Every lady should be stunning. When should I go to a beauty salon and cause hair in order? Not all days are favorable for the beauty salon. Some days we can expect failure. ... Read More »

Hairstyles For Valentine Day 2014

Valentines Hairstyles 2014 (7)

For Valentine’s Day, is recommended combing with something different and feminine, with delicate and romantic, original and sophisticated for a romantic and unforgettable evening air.  definitely are hairstyles simple, it is collected with bangs or loose strands to give the balance and complement it even more.  Liven and romance to your hair with these divine ideas that will give your face a spirit special and seductive … Read More »