Thursday , 28 May 2015
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Party Hairstyles 2015

Curly Hair

Party Hairstyles 2015 The images that we show then you will know how to be fashion party  hairstyles for 2015. If you look closely will verify as the latest trends in hairstyles and hair cuts for next year. First, you can see some pictures of hairstyles for graduation day. For these occasions semirecogidos party hairstyles and take waves or curls. ... Read More »

Trendy shades of hair dye in 2015

Trendy Shades of Hair Dye 2015 (25)

At all times, women want to be beautiful and young, carefully concealing their flaws and focusing on the merits.It has long been fond of painting the hair not only to cover gray hair. Modern women want to change, to find new images and inspiration, hairstyle – is no exception. And if you still look into the story? When women began ... Read More »

The best haircuts and hairstyles for man 2015

Best Haircuts For Male 2015 (1)

What hairstyle will bring more between male hair cuts for 2015? The answer is simple when you consider the latest trends in hairstyles pass which are styled “hipster” or those with known as “undercut” (cut with shaved), but the truth is that we have many options to choose from, whether you want to take the shorter or longer hair, and ... Read More »


New Haircuts For Short Hair Women 2015 (5)

We’re already stuck in the spring-summer 2015 and we have already talked about that are fashion trends spring-summer 2015, we also look at the hairstyles and haircuts that more will be coming months and Specifically, for which  to wear short hair. Then the woman hairstyles spring summer 2015 | Short hair. Short hair for women takes a while being very ... Read More »


Haircuts For Girls 2015 (9)

Girls tend to always give “problems” when you know what haircut or hairstyle what they can get better. Not only because the style favors them, but also because we always choose a hairstyle that works for them to play and run without hair to become a nuisance. Today the trends and photographs of different hairstyles for girls face in 2015 ... Read More »


Top Hairstyles For Curled Hair Men (3)

Curly haired men often have trouble finding hairstyles that suit them. I’ve found 7 great looking curly styles that all differ in style and length to help you guys find a hairstyle that works for you! 1. WILD CURLS 2. CURLY TAPER 3. CLASSIC CALIFORNIA 4. NEAT AND WAVY 5. COILED 6. BUSINESS CURLS 7. SHAGGY CURLS Read More »


Top 5 Hairstyles For Summer 2015 (2)

With Spring and Summer just around the corner it’s time to think about what the latest hairstyle trends are going to be! While you’re working towards that beach body don’t forget to keep your hairstyle on point! 1. SUMMER BOUNCE The brushed up hairstyle looks great but requires careful maintenance. To achieve this style you need to know your way ... Read More »

Haircuts Ideas for Women 2015

Haircuts Ideas For Women 2015 (2)

To begin the radiant year the great stylists have designed very creative cuts , fresh and bright. Such is the case of medium-length cuts with a few small soft undulations giving shredded accompanying side face. For the more adventurous who dare to clear the neck and wear the hair short , the trend is much volume on top of the ... Read More »

Simple short hairstyles for men 2015

Simple Short summer Hairstyles For Men 2015 (46)

Now men are more strict in regards to hairstyles are demanding and very eager to look and feel renewed for any time of day, regardless of age or texture short hair dryer.The is favorite men and will not take much time in your hair, that’s why they are called as practical and easy. You can wear short hair with various ... Read More »