Side braid hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful Braid For Long Hair (10)

Side braid hairstyles  for long hair Side braid hairstyles  for long hair are the ultimate cure for a long mop-like hair lifeless. If you are looking for an appropriate way to spice up your Rapunzel-like hair, twenty one of these side braids will surely fall in love! Side braid hairstyles ...

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Bright Hair Shades  For Spring 2015 (4)

Hair color spring-Summer  2015 Bright Shades – The trend for spring 2015 are bright tones. This season has glitter in the hair thanks to the bolder colors both short and long. As we know from earlier this year, this year trends in styles, cuts and hair tones are the boldest, ...

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3D Hair Color 2015

3d Hair Colour (11)

3DHair Color 2015 Are you looking for 3D Hair Color 2015  quick way to glam up your look? If so, keep on reading this post and you will surely get some inspiration for your next beauty session. Hair color has great impact on your image so when it comes to new ...

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Men’s hairstyles spring-summer 2015

Men's hairstyles spring-summer 2015 (3)

Men’s hairstyles spring-summer 2015 The Men’s hairstyles spring-summer 2015  is versatile haircut “Canadian”, which feature is the short hair on the sides and bottom of the back of the head, combined with their average length in the forehead and top of the head.  The main emphasis of male hair is long ...

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Hairstyles for short hair Spring-Summer 2015

Trendy Haircuts Torn

Hairstyles for short hair Spring-Summer 2015   Hairstyles for short hair Spring-Summer 2015      are gaining in popularity, won the hearts of beautiful women and forcing them to part with long hair. According to forecasts, in the spring-summer season 2015 they will be the most popular types of women’s ...

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Trendy haircuts autumn-winter 2015-2016

Bridal Hairstyles for Summer 2015 (7)

Trendy haircuts autumn-winter 2015-2016 Trendy haircuts autumn-winter 2015-2016 – the hottest form of women’s hairstyles in the world today because of the convenience, practicality and beauty. Haircuts are performed on any length of hair, which greatly simplifies the process of creating a stylish hairstyle.   Trendy short hairstyles Short haircuts rejuvenate ...

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The pixelated hair, a trend that is sweeping

Pixielated Hair Colour

The pixelated hair The pixelated hair,  We know that the locks and the colored dyes are the order of the day. After the great triumph of the Californian wicks , comes a new trend that is sweeping social networks and today and everyone is echoing. It is the pixelated hair ...

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Trendy hairstyles for men – 2015

Trendy Hairstyles For Men 2015 (10)

Trendy hairstyles for men – 2015 When was common to see men combed the same way, the same shape and the same length. Trendy hairstyles for men – 2015 men delivering favorable hairstyles and perfect for the demands of each style. They can be with , parted to the side, ...

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Pixie cuts layered Summer 2015

Pixie Haircuts for summer 2015 (23)

Pixie cuts layered Summer 2015  Pixie cuts layered summer 2015  as best season for these cuts look like in Spring Summer. Ideal for those times where the temperature is very high and want to complement your look chic one. No doubt, the pixie cut is 100% acceptable for women with ...

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