Tuesday , 21 October 2014
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Trendy hairstyles 2015


The coming year – is not only hope, new dreams, life with a clean slate and a new, long-awaited happiness. It is also a new fashion trend. There comes a time of bold experimentation and daring decisions. This applies to everything: the image, wardrobe, make-up. And, of course, hairstyles. We are waiting for 2015 Trendy hairstyles for short hair , ... Read More »

Short hair cuts 2015

Short Haircuts 2015 (4)

Like other haircuts, short hair cuts are also very elegant and classic at all. Usually this type of hair is usually a gentleman in a woman . But in recent years, more and more women who dare with these modern haircuts. There are many celebrities who have moved to this new fashion of short hair cuts. It is easy to ... Read More »

Christmas hairstyles for long hair 2015

Christmas Hairstyles For Long Hair 2015 (1)

Girl with luxurious long hair can make hair in different styles. In the coming New Year, the most current hairstyle for long tresses will spit. In this braid braids in various ways, creating both simple and very complex hairstyles. To create a Christmas mood makes sense woven into braids colored ribbons, tinsel, glitter and other bright elements. For long, but ... Read More »

Hairstyles for New Year 2015

Beautiful girl 2015

With the onset of winter, when every house begins whiff of the upcoming New Year.Women are thinking about what they will meet favorite holiday that will put on the table and, of course, what hairstyle do. That hairstyle helps create Christmas mood and stress outfit. But what hairstyles will be relevant in the new 2015? Retro style is always in ... Read More »

Layered cuts for men 2015

Layered Haircuts For Men 2014 (36)

Layered cuts are fashionable, also gaining strength in male tastes.  A layered cut gives a sexy and attractive touch to your look , enhance your masculine side even more and allows you to make different hairstyles with some strands loose and carefree. layered cuts are imposed, as better in straight hair types, but anything goes in the world of layered hairstyle.   Read More »

Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Hair Accessory Trends

Fall Winter 2014-2015 Hair Accessory Trends (4)

The trend reports for fall 2014 continue to charm us with their catching innovations and designs and the following list of awesomeness goes to the fall/ winter 2014-2015 hair accessory trends coming with just as amazing and chic variety of vibes and details, making up the whole list of the top astounding and great alternatives that were united in the ... Read More »

Haircuts for Curly Hair 2015

Haircuts For Curly Hair 2015 (5)

At first glance it seems that the owners of curly hair just incredibly lucky, without effort, they can always look natural and charming. But sometimes such a gift can be a lot of trouble, especially know it “curls”, because it is very difficult to choose the best hairstyle, because of unruly curls. And if your hair is very smooth clearly ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles 2015 – Trends

Wedding Hairstyles 2015 (8)

BRIDAL HAIR /  2015 Today I bring you one of the posts I wanted to write more because I love bridal hairstyles; I find all very bucolic and romantic. And although it’s been a couple of months he has spent the Barcelona Bridal Week (the next edition will be from 5 to 10 May 2015), I will post that this ... Read More »

Trendy hairstyles Fall Winter 2014-2015

Trendy Hairstyles For Fall Winter 2015 (36)

The new season autumn-winter 2014-2015 hairstyles and haircuts In the new season autumn-winter 2014-2015 designers presented on the podium the most fashionable women’s haircuts . So, what haircuts and hairstyles will be relevant ? Sure, a win-win in many collections – a ponytail .. Another topical hair will become the tail, tied a few rubber bands along the entire length ... Read More »