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Fashionable hair color Winter 2014

Fashionable Hair color winter 2014 (2)In the selection of fashionable wardrobe can not forget about accessories, shoes and hairstyle, which is an important element of any bow. Hair color often reflects not only the mood, but also a sense of a person’s style, so his choice should be given particular attention.

In winter 2014 trends among shades of hair will not look much different from the previous season.

First of all, we should mention, this trend is natural, natural hair color, and their well-groomed, healthy look. Read more in our article on.

Fashionable hair color for brunettes and brown-haired women in the winter season 2014

Owners of dark hair in the new season should pay attention to such nuances as the color of chocolate, cocoa, latte and walnut. Pleasant, muted shades look very natural, softening with the facial features. Do not recommend stylists krasitsyav bluish – black and a black color as they age and make your appearance more vulgar and artificial.

The most optimal and relevant option for brunettes and brown-haired women is shade of paint “chocolate” or “dark brown.” These shades are suitable to owners and dark and lighter skin.

Also stylists advise brunettes careful attention to the color of the eyebrows, as overall appearance, they play an important role. Special attention to the color of. It is not necessary to paint them in bright black carbon color.

Fashionable Hair color winter 2014 (3)

It looks defiant and tasteless. Instead prefer dark brown or any other color for three to four shades darker than your skin color. The exception is a girl with dark skin or oriental blood, because they have the nature of the blue-black eyebrows and eyelashes. They can safely use a black pencil to give brows shape.

Trendy shades of hair for blondes in the winter season 2014

Girl with blond hair is always in fashion. They are sexy and charismatic, attractive and charming. Their hair color has always attracted thousands of admiring glances of men. In the new autumn-winter 2013-2014 lighter shade of blonde, as always, remains one of the most fashionable.

Fashionable Hair color winter 2014 (4)

However, stylists advise to focus on naturalness and maximum natural shades, which means an automatic rejection of the strands of yellow and shades of “platinum blond.” Also take care that your roots have always been carefully dyed and well-kept. No black gaps! When choosing a lighter shade of paint repellent, first of all, from the color of your face.

 keep in mind that you should avoid combining too light blonde with dark skin. It looks extremely vulgar and ugly. So either avoid tanning and self-tanning, or choose darker shades.

Fashionable Hair color winter 2014 (1)

Fashionable hair color to red winter 2014

Redheads have always attracted the most controversial association. To date, this shade of hair is incredibly popular because it looks bright and stylish. Avoid shouting, too bright, like a clown strands.

Fashionable Hair color winter 2014 (5)

Choose more smooth, soft and discreet color. Keep in mind that your red should look like the most natural and naturally. Not stylists advise to choose the paint color red to owners of dark skin, and those girls whose skin is prone to redness. Otherwise, run the risk of looking ridiculous and absurd.

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