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Wicks colorful – Trends 2013-2014

Your hair this folded colorful wicks whether thick or thin, the result is refreshing, very striking and last, remember to combine the basic tone and contrast perfectly. 
‘s very important to take into account the color of your skin, tan or brown hair with blond streaks is one of the most popular trends due to the ability to highlight the hair. 

clear Wicks chestnuts give it a very subtle look with dark hair and light brightness. 
There is a wide variety of reds to choose from, the brighter be the most spectacular red will be your look if you are looking for something flashy and carefree. 
Purple is one of the newest colors in fashion, purple shades deep purple hair or to add lighting to your cabello.En conclusion many fashion colors, just a matter of taste and refreshing choices … 
Check out the following pictures of  colorful Wicks – Trends 2013-2014.

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