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Hairstyles 2013 – Short hair, medium hair, long hair

Hairstyles 2013 (2)Each new season brings a haircut trend , that? ‘he s? whether the wardrobe, makeup or hairstyles and haircuts. C? Was during Fashion Week that the new features are revealed, showing the preferences of designers and creators, who will the new? Impetus to a new mode, a new season. 
For this year 2013, cuts Hair will be discrete, natural will be required.

– Short hair cuts for 2013

No podiums? Showed no new side of short hair cuts for this year 2013. The trend is similar to previous years, but with a slight preference for cutting short the bowl hair.This cut is actually very natural, and s? Fits all women who love to wear rather short hair.

– The cuts for medium length hair for 2013

No change on this side either, if n? Degraded is that cuts will remain in place without sophistication. 2013 will be the? Degraded slightly year squares brushes or just bruised for a completely natural look. Note the presence of fringes, sometimes thick and square well, sometimes very short, cut on the forehead. Wick side also remains in place for 2013, the front is rarely completely clear.

– The cuts for long hair 2013

As for medium length hair, long hair cuts are almost identical to those of 2013? Previous year. We thus find again degraded, tapered preference for more natural and square or short fringes. Long cuts are brushées, but more often freely dried, and there is also a small trend perfectly smooth for the most sophisticated.

– The hairstyles trends for 2013

If haircuts are very discreet want for 2013, hairstyles innovate by returning to the timeless classic. We therefore find for? 2013 the famous bun, the? Timeless, and the most popular is the banana bun. Sometimes perfectly tight or loose, a little messy, it will adorn many heads every day or evening. 
Braid also back with romantic variants that provide fresh air to the hair long and mid-length. The braid will be classic for this year 2013, but also headband or twisted. The most notable braids for the new season will be the braided bun, easy to wear and carry.

Finally, ponytail hairstyles remain among the favorites for this year 2013. It becomes an ideal hairstyle for short hair, medium hair and long hair, and s? Adapts to each length. This season, it is preferable to wear low, attached to the neck, or high contrast, in the manner of? A palm tree.

For 2013, so the scissors remain in the closet to make room for long hairstyles worn, but still appreciated.

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