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2014 Haircut for short hair

Long hair – it is certainly sexy, but, unfortunately, the longer the hair is, the older you look. Women should remember that long hair (if any hairstyle) – always make you older. The secret of youth – a short haircut. But it is not just a short haircut and hairstyle, which corrects the shape of your face, emphasizing its attractive side.
Moreover haircut for short hair , it is not only youth, but the savings in time – care for a haircut does not take much time. Thus, short hair can help with many problems:

Short hair can easily put it into a fashionable hairstyle.
It makes a person younger and fit a woman of any age.
A short haircut is universal, suitable for any time of the year seasons.
For winter is generally a perfect hair – because hairstyle with long hair need special care during the winter. And winter cap less than spoil a short cut.

A short haircut.

Option haircuts

If you have thin hair short hair is not for you.
When thin hair you should try to add to the amount of hair, and with a short haircut is not easy to do.

When choosing a suitable hairstyle to consider their growth.
Women are recommended for shorter hairstyles, visually enhancing their growth. Shorthaired increase, so their growth will be difficult.
As you know, any hairstyle should match the facial features, hide flaws, emphasize advantages. But short hair is more demanding to defects in your face. After all, with a short hairstyle to mask the defects of his face harder. Always remember – the ideal face shape is oval shape. And your hair (plus makeup) should strive to give a person an oval shape.

What haircut for short hair will suit you.
Long and narrow face.

Hairstyle for narrow face
Hair should expand (more correctly shorten) your narrow face. To do this, make a short cut with magnificent hair in the middle of the cheeks.
Will our purpose:

Long hair, falling below the ears
Low fringe, ideally covering the eyebrows
Round face.

Hairstyle for round face
In fact, a short haircut for a round face is not . Improper short hair can further round round face. Our goal is to narrow (lengthen the face.) To do this, make a short cut with straight hair, the closing of the neck and extend up to the angle of the mandible.

The square chin (wide lower part of the face).

Butch – square jaw
It is necessary to narrow and lengthen the lower part of the face. You will be a short haircut to the chin. In this case, the person used to narrow down the straight hair, covering the detailed angles of the mandible.

Long nose.

Short hair – long nose
The main thing with this defect should withdraw his nose into the background – it is necessary to focus on the haircut. You do not fit smooth or very short hair. We recommend to make a magnificent low bangs to the eyebrows. Suitable forelock hair sticking out ahead.

Upturned nose.
We have to do hair style in which the hair combed up.

Small nose.
You need to make a small (even smaller is better) curls without bangs.

The wide, flat nose.
Hair brushed straight from the face. A good idea to raise them high above the forehead.
Receding chin.

Haircut for truncated chin
Need to lengthen the face, visually push the lower jaw forward. For you, short hairstyles with bangs to the eyebrows, passing round a line on the bottom of the temples, in front of the ears and going down low and rounded to the back of the neck.

Low brow.

Hairstyle – low brow
It’s simple – this is necessary to visually enlarge the forehead. The increase is due to the lush bangs coming down to the eyebrows (or slightly below).

The flat back of the head.
This back of the head should be rounded. To do this, make a short cut to the lush area in the top of the head and neck. You can additionally be curled or to comb her hair at the nape.
Short neck.

Your goal is to visually make the neck longer. Any short haircut, is laid bare neck, will save you. Visually extends a line hairstyles short hair with tapering neck.

Thin hair.

Thin, short hair
Short haircuts, frankly, is not for you. By the way, long hairstyles are not for fine hair. But if you do decide to make a short cut for fine hair try to give the amount of this haircut. To achieve the use of profiling strands.

Pear-shaped face.

Pear-shaped face – short hair
Here, your goal is to narrow (or at least not increase) the lower part of the face. This can be achieved at the expense of visual expansion of the upper part of the face, to do this hairstyle with short curly locks falling over his forehead and cheeks. The hair above the forehead hair is better to raise . Not for you – the hairstyles that enhance the lower part of the face (eg, having parted, smooth or with tufts of hair and curls positioned at ear level) .

Wide-set eyes.
To visually reduce the distance between the eyes, the hair above the forehead up and laid with their wave. They should partially fall on the forehead, like bangs.

Close-set eyes.
To create the impression of normal distance between the eyes, lift the hair up and attach them to the splendor of the temples. As the final chord strand is guided along the side cheeks.
The ideal face shape

Hairstyle for the perfect person
You are young and you have a perfect face shape then try to smooth, covered in a bun hairstyle.
While these hairstyles that emphasize and open up the face – very few people fit.

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