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Haircuts and Hairstyles fall winter 2013-2014

Short Haircuts
Short Haircuts

If you follow the fashion trends and want to stand out for its beautiful, stylish haircut, pay attention to the fashion style haircuts 2013 – 2014 year. General trends of the year – it is asymmetrical and clean lines that can easily be combined in a single installation. Leading stylists promise of peace following actual haircuts for short and very short hair in 2013. real hit will be the pixies – ultra short, yet incredibly feminine haircut, well suited to all owners of the soft facial features. In addition to the hair in the form of a pixie can make so-called “disheveled stacking”…
Bob us back a few decades ago, except that now has become even shorter bob – the front strands should barely touch the chin. Incidentally, this hairstyle will suit everyone who has a triangular or square face shape. Stylists recommend a few bob to modernize, ruffling his or adding a long slanting bangs, elongated side strands or overall asymmetry of shape. from oblivion in 2014, and there is a short haircut waiter, originally invented for men, but it is firmly entrenched in the catalog of women’s hairstyles…

Is an ageless classic bob: in 2014 this implies a clear haircut or ragged contour shape of a trapezoid. An interesting option would be a square with long strands that resemble needles. Very trendy women’s haircuts and will be on medium hair in the shape of a square, especially with a massive bang, completely covering the forehead. Anyone with medium-length hair, go in style haircut and a cascade, with locks at different heights, intricately framing the face. Method haircuts for medium hair called “stratification” would also be incredibly fashionable: Graduated strand stages throughout the hair – both front and rear…



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