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Trendy hairstyles for New Year 2014

New Hairstyles For beautiful ladies
New Hairstyles For beautiful ladies

Do you celebrate the New Year in a noisy group of friends or with your favourite – your image in any case, must be perfect, thought out to the last detail. This is the most extraordinary day of the year, we are looking forward to it, please buy the dress, shoes, select jewelry, and, of course, reflect on what we will have hair on New Year’s Eve.

And if you do not want to go to a salon, thinking that their own hands you the strength to create a masterpiece on the head, then it is necessary beforehand to see video tutorials, a few times to try to perform the various styling and choose which one they do best, and most importantly – more suitable .

Do not leave this point to the last New Year’s Eve, because the first time something can not happen, and in the New Year to go with positive thoughts and lovely appearance.

New Hairstyle for 2014 for short hair

Girls who expressed a preference for short hair, think about the options for holiday hairstyles more often than owner of long curls, because they think that short hair, there are several options for placing less (although this does not so much). However, fashion dictates its own rules, and if she follow – you can even make out a short hair chic hairstyle.


New Year Hairstyles For Short Hair
New Year Hairstyles For Short Hair

A great hairstyle for the New Year at home – an asymmetrical bob. In this case, the main experiment – do bob with bangs or not, and if with a bang, then try a straight or asymmetrical. The girl who decides to make bean is a very unusual and attractive.

Never forget that everything is new – it is well forgotten old and hairstyles is also a concern. Retro styling that we so often see in old movies are back on their lead.However, this stylish hairstyle and outfit should choose accordingly – no T-shirts and jeans, but dresses and high heels.

New Hairstyle for 2014 for medium hair

If we are talking about the hair of medium length, here the girls over a wide range of hairstyles – it can be lush and updo with fixed curls and waves flowing smoothly. Four of a kind – this is the hair style that was fashionable in the New Year 2013 on medium hair, she did not miss their positions throughout this year and will be back in vogue in 2014, so it is not necessary fashionistas for her  to forget.

New Hairstyles For Medium Hair
New Hairstyles For Medium Hair


And of course, the beauty of short and medium hair can emphasize a bright shade of hair, unusual forms, which can give your hair with hair gel and nail polish, as well as all kinds of accessories, whether ordinary headbands with flowers, hair clips with bows, scallops with beautiful stones – but here it is important not to overdo it and not to be considered tasteless. Hair accessories must be selected no less carefully than costume jewelry under the dress.

Hairstyle for the New Year 2014 for long hair

Well, long hair – the dream of any barber, because with them you can do anything you want – leave the loose, do light curls, lay in the incredible hairstyles, all of which would be appropriate in the new year 2014. If you look at celebrities, we can see how fashion has recently become a neat ponytail and correct.

New Hairstyles For Long Hair
New Hairstyles For Long Hair


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