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Explain why women’s fashion hairstyles for short hair became hits hairdressing competitions in 2013, is not too difficult. If long hair, for example, the effects on their own and do not require special hairstyles, the short hair, due to certain restrictions, forced to look for new stylists ways to present in the most favorable light. And power is not spent in vain – short hair is now at the peak of his popularity. On this “talk” last fashion shows in 2013 and large stellar event where the fair sex present their original and creative short haircuts, shifting the cult of beauty with long and medium to shorter hair.

If you are in doubt, choosing a hairstyle for short hair, then this is the article for you. We will present an overview of women’s hairstyles for short hair, fashion in 2013, from the well-known classical examples of hairstyles for short hair to extravagant, tell you what hairstyle to short hair in demand this season and will publish photos in 2013 with fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for short hair.

Four of a kind – the most fashionable hairstyle for short hair 2013-2014.

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We already told you that a penalty in 2013, according to the well-known women’s magazines, the most fashionable hairstyle for short hair. Bob haircut for short hair is a hair cut exactly along the entire length with straight bangs or without. A particular advantage of this hairstyle for short hair – its versatility, it will fit almost all women who want to “try” on his haircut for short hair, regardless of hair type and facial contours. In addition, this hairstyle will add the missing volume to thin hair, will give additional beauty thick and bushy hair, which will hide the flaws of round and oval face and soften the angularity of the triangular and square face types. Hairdressers say one more advantage of the women’s hairstyles for short hair – it will allow you to experiment with fashion. So, smooth and perfectly stretched hair will give the image of rigor and elegance, but the curls and ringlets will contribute to the image of playfulness and charm. Due to which, fashionable bob haircut suit owners as short smooth and curly hair.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair 2013-2014 – bob and bob-bob.

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This is perhaps the most graphic quality and a clear version of the trendy hairstyles for short hair. Bob and bob-bob is a haircut with a short neck and surround a smooth transition to longer hair in front. In this common bean requires bangs, soft lines that fit in a haircut, while the bob-bob hair cut or a straight-up bangs or without. It is thanks to the bangs in these fashionable women’s hairstyles for short hair you can adjust the shape of the face, with varying length. What actually makes this hairstyle for short hair is not only fashionable, but also practical. This is proved by the ease of installation, making the different accents – twirling hair outward and inward, curling or leaving smooth, you can always look different based on your mood and situation.

Haircut for short hair – the cascade.

Short Hairstyles 2014 (1)
Haircut “cascade” for short hair is out of the competition among the other famous hairstyles and in 2013-2014. The fashionable status of this haircut for short hair earned in the first place, its ruggedness. In 2013, thanks to a special cutting technique – a smooth transition from the shorter, usually on the top of the head to longer at the bottom of the head hair, haircut for short hair cascade is suitable for all hair types. Thin hair, according arabio.ru, it will give an additional amount, thick add lightness and liveliness. In addition, the easily help hide all the flaws and enhances the dignity of different types of people. In the 2013-2014 season stylists offer you the numerous experiments that this haircut for short hair was bright multi-variant – choosing either extremely short or the more usual length to chin, cutting stage will allow her to relate harmoniously with your character and temperament.

What other women’s hairstyles for short hair are all the rage in 2013-2014

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Of course, the classic versions of hairstyles for short hair, fashion in 2013-2014, do not limit you in a creative search – stylists have prepared a variety of options, as you can vary the above hairstyles for short hair.


The most simple – it is to experiment with long bangs, fashion trend this season is short straight thick bangs just above the middle of the forehead. Such an option would fit well into any hairstyle for short hair. In addition, try the asymmetry of a haircut. It can be expressed as a long oblique bang so as to lengthen the individual hair strands and lateral. Good for short hair looks and texturing the main haircut.

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